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How is it that after two days of sitting down to write this tropey porn, I have instead achieved only <2.5k of lead-in that wants to have issues in it?

Also way to not write the other porn that you wrote a bunch of lead-in to already.

On the other hand, the co-written WIP is now over 100k so everyone had better be really into Shea Weber's ridiculous feelings, I guess.
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I have been...failing to post. :P

Reading Candace Dorsey's Black Wine and Fuyumi Ono's Twelve Kingdoms books simultaneously turns out to be really unsettling. They're not quite the same, but somehow the similarities in lanaguage and superficial content (lost strangers who don't know the rules of the places they have ended up interacting with complicated political situations, plus shifting POV/narrative strands) have made them merge in my head. It makes the Ono somewhat more tense if I'm expecting all the completely terrible things that happen in the Dorsey to be just around the corner, for one. (Black Wine is excellent, for the record! But a lot of horrible things happen. Warnings for sexual assault and assorted violence.) Very odd. I always read a million things at once and this generally doesn't happen to me.

Writing is failing to happen, which is irritating. I had one wip that I was very excited about writing, but I'm on a break with the characters in it (the hazards of rpf /o\) and now I'm sulking at everything else. In that spirit, if people want to leave me prompts (more than a single word, you know my fandoms), I'd love to see if that kickstarts anything for me.
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No one should be surprised that Wodehouse's letters are very charming, though I am rather baffled by some of the editorial decisions. There's a lengthy preface explaining why the editor, who claims to have been a personal friend of the family, chose to group them by subject and recipient rather than chronologically, so that was all right, but I don't understand their selection of letters about his wife. In all the other sections of the book, there were letters describing amusing incidents that had happened to the two of them or things they had done together. In the section on Ethel, there were exclusively letters in which he complained about things she had done, and then one final soppy love letter written to her. Could the editor not see any of the other letters in which she featured heavily as being 'about' her? Were they actively attempting to create the impression that he disliked his wife (and then possibly pull this supposed rug out from under the reader with the reveal of the love letter)? Now, it's not as though he was complaining in ways that were completely baffling for some people who were married a good long time. His letters didn't make me feel awful about their relationship in the way that lots of published letters from men of that generation do. They just sometimes didn't agree and complained to their friends about it. But it makes me uncomfortable that some editor decided these were humourous as a lump, because men totes hate their wives, amirite? Leaves a bad taste in the mouth. It's a shame, because the rest of the collection is fine.

In totally different writing news, I am still amused that I can write porn fairly straightfacedly, but editing still makes me crack up. There's still just something about having to write people earnest notes about why you don't think they need to mention there that his cock is hard, they mentioned it above, that makes me giggle. (Not at your porn, I assure anyone who I'm betaing! Just as the contrast between the earnestness of my comments and the, well, porniness of the porn.)
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I started writing this last fall, and it's finally done! It's...really not long enough to justify that! But, whatever, done! :D

Regina Was Never Like This (5608 words) by opusculasedfera
Fandom: Hockey RPF
Rating: Explicit
Relationships: Jordan Eberle/Taylor Hall
Summary:Tubes never turned into a girl before Jordan had had enough coffee to deal with it.

I kind of wanted to call it "Eating Your Feelings" but actually, that needs to be the title of an epic femslash fic about oral sex and denial. Someone who isn't me should get on writing that.

Big Bang!

Oct. 1st, 2013 11:56 am
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I have posted my big bang!

Daylight Seems to Want You (10910 words) by opusculasedfera
Fandom: Hockey RPF
Rating: Explicit
Relationships: Beau Bennett/James Neal
Additional Tags: Accidental Relationship, Furniture, Team Bonding
Summary: Beau has no idea what Nealer thinks he's doing, but he's into it anyway.

[livejournal.com profile] lena_reyes made a mix for it, and also came up with the title, which she generously allowed me to steal. (I like how it sounds serious and mood-setting, but also can be interpreted as a pun on 'Sunshine', which makes it basically "Yes, James, Beau does want to bang you." I am the most tasteful, y/y?)

Also I feel like I should have a Nealer icon or something because apparently writing all the fic about him is a thing that keeps happening and Oiler babies are not terribly relevant.

There is hockey tonight, because I really needed to get started on months of staying up too late for West Coast games. :P I mean, I'm excited, but also lolololol the first game I'm interested in is at 10pm because of course it is. And then the second one is 9:30pm the next day.

Fringe Exchange is rolling! I am not actually writing yet because I procrastinate like anything, but I'm excited!
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I keep writing things at [livejournal.com profile] home_ice, I guess? SFW fluff.

height difference (Sidney Crosby/Jordan Staal) )

not spring, not summer, and not fall (Taylor Hall and Jordan Eberle) )

I'll have to remember that this format for prompts (make a secret list of six pairings, get someone to give you six prompts, match them up) apparently works really well for me! :D
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...there are Sam Gagner for Oilers captain rumours. I love him to distraction, but WHAT? Not that he won't do fine, but they have so many other guys who are either shinier or older? I guess he's a compromise? Who knows? *hands*

Explanations or mutual flailing equally welcome.

Ditto all flailing over PK's continued quest to flirt with everyone and document it for the internet. There needs to be a billion more stories about PK and Carey at Olympics camp NOW. Actually, there needs to be all the Olympics camp fic in general, but PK is the one making it gloriously easy.

Or come whine at me about your wips and stuff. I just finished my big bang draft (because I was avoiding summarising it for my artist, oops), so now I'm poking at my other nine million, and grumbling. LET US ALL LOATHE THE WRITING PROCESS TOGETHER. :P


Jul. 6th, 2013 08:58 am
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I'm enjoying Welcome to Night Vale a lot. I'm not very far into it so far, but the pastiche of community radio is spot-on, and I really appreciate that it punches up its shadowy and inexplicable conspiracies with an onslaught of cryptic details, rather than trying to wring too much drama out of a small number of very creepy things. I hadn't previously thought about it, but once they do it, it becomes obvious that audio horror needs to take the opposite tack to visual horror and talk all the time about what is there, rather than trying to keep everything in the shadows as much as possible. Very interesting.

People keep recommending Orphan Black to me, and it sounds good, but, well, I watched about half the first ep and I really need someone to tell me if it's all going to be people trying to pass themselves off as other people. I just get too worried and twitchy to watch hours of that kind of infiltration. It's irrational, I know.

The NHL is having wild flailing drama over trades/signings as was anticipated. I find it hard to do anything but laugh, because it's all so ludicrous, and the interesting narratives won't shake out properly for another few months. Kind of mad that the Avs didn't take Jones, but on the other hand, the likelihood that they wouldn't have done something batshit with him is low. Also the Oilers seem to have done nothing truly inexplicable yet, which is better than I would have expected.

I love the hell out of genderswap in general, but I am baffled by the number of hockey genderswaps where players have some kind of elaborate system of braids or buns to keep their hair back when they play. Firstly, think about how long tons of male players keep their hair, and secondly, have they not seen female hockey players who mostly manage to keep long hair out of their faces just fine with a ponytail? (See also: 90s Jagr.) Hair is just not that big of a deal once you've got a helmet on top of it. Braid crowns are difficult to keep in place, and mean that there's a pointy-ish bit of metal against your scalp if something smashes into your helmet.

Also I don't understand the point of genderswapping Elizabeth Bennett because that removes the entire impetus of the plot of P&P.
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I wrote more wingfic. I blame Aria for telling me that Nealer needed to deal with wings from all directions. Also for allowing me to title everything with puns. Love you!

Getting in a Flap (3960 words) by opusculasedfera
Fandom: Hockey RPF
Relationships: Evgeni Malkin/James Neal
Summary:"He's always like a bird," Duper says, flicking James in the head, "up here." James sulks.

Also I finally managed to finish Queen Victoria's Book of Spells, entirely because it needs to go back to the library tomorrow. I'm still grumpy about the amount of infodumping, but [personal profile] kyriacarlisle was right that at least the last story in the book wasn't unrelentingly bleak. I'm more or less okay with certain kinds of bleakness, like the story about the factory girl with phossy jaw where we all know she's never going to get cured, though that one could also have done with an editor to take a firm hand to entire pages of textbook prose about the Irish Potato Famine, but I just wanted to read about one damn relationship where people didn't love potion each other into friendship or marriage. These turned out to be few and far between. So, uh, warnings for assault, everybody!
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Disappointed in Pratchett's Dodger. I feel like non-secondary world stuff is simply not his milieu. He seems to need the secondary world to keep him from going on and on about what research he's done. Leonard of Quirm is funny because he is clearly Leonardo da Vinci, only not. Joseph Bazalgette isn't funny because he's just Bazalgette, possibly with a slightly more humourous nose. There's no surprise of recognition, he's just a guy that existed. Even when it's not quite so on the nose as that, there are still only so many times one character can refer to "Karl, who I met once in Europe and who had such interesting ideas about the working class" before I want to beat everyone involved with the shovel of yes-I-HAVE-heard-of-Marx-thanks.

He appears to have forgotten that everyone finds his footnotes charming because they have jokes, not just because they say "yes, these things really did exist!!!!" We know that London, etc. did exist. We know that people were impoverished and smelly by modern standards. We know that women had a lot of social and legal problems. None of this is news. The book was basically Heyer-level farce plotting pasted over shouting about did you know that ladies and poor people had it difficult in past times and also people didn't bathe as much????? Only Heyer wrote lots of books about women having actual emotions, and this was manpain central.

I might have enjoyed it more if this was actually my first introduction to all of the history, but as it was, it was a disappointment.


In other news, writing my bigbang sort of proceeds. At the moment, it's mostly self-indulgence about people falling over, and making bad jokes while they make out. We'll see if this actually transforms itself into plot/something readable.
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Goddamnit, why is it that every damn time I sit down to fill in the bits of my longfic that current say [AND THEN THEY HAD SEX, IT HIT X EMOTIONAL BEAT], the only thing my brain can come up with is completely different porn featuring entirely different combinations of people from totally separate stories that don't even exist yet? :P


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