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How is this the slightly older A:tlA? Avatar was a million times more subtle than this.

spoilers )

More cheerfully, holy shit is Ryan O'Reilly ever trying to get back in Matt Duchene's good graces after all that bitterness last season. (To be fair, scoring very pretty goals for the Avs is definitely a proven method for achieving that.) Turns out I would definitely read all of that break-up/make-up fic. I was mostly just amused at the bad blood last season (oh Matty, so many crazy eyes when your team was terrible), but I am super susceptible to how weirdly excited all the media is getting about them being friends again, especially with all of this dredging up of how close they were in their first couple years. The shippiness of the hockey media never ceases to amaze.
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I'm enjoying the new season of Community! Spoilers )


I finally finished reading Ankaret Wells' The Maker's Mask. I have no idea why it took me so long to read because every time I picked it up it was fabulous. Strongly reminded me of Kirstein's Steerswoman books, in the best possible way. Spoilers for both follow )

Something more closely resembling a review, though decidedly scattered: Spoilers for the Maker's Mask only ) Highly recommended, and I'm looking forward to reading the sequel.


I have no words for that Avs-Oilers game last night. It was ridiculous in all the best ways, though I am divided between delight over the Oilers' comeback and how well (nearly) everyone was doing (Nuge scoring! Maggie having a second big goal! Hemmer and Ebs with two each!), and the strong feeling that Dutchy is going to stab someone if the Avs don't start improving soon (and I really don't know if they can, after their completely unbelievable slew of injuries).


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