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Elementary! I am very bad at watching it on time, but this season has done some lovely things with character beats! Less lovely things with ripped from the headlines plots, but Joan and Sherlock continue to delight.

I read Sarah McCarry's All Our Pretty Songs. It's very well-written, and managed to have a first-person teenage protagonist who did not make me instantly fail out, which is difficult. However, er...the ending (spoilers) )

Someone come argue with me about this because it was weird and made me cranky.

Something that does not make me cranky are Tripp Tracy being awkward about how he has so many feelings about EStaal because he watched him grow up, and he loves Brind'Amour, but it can never match his love for EStaal because he didn't get to watch him develop. Oh, Tripp. Never change.
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Hello to anyone who found me through [personal profile] kouredios's friending meme! Please feel free to hang out, comment, lurk, whatever you please. I post far too infrequently, but I'm trying to change that.

In that spirit:

The thing that amuses me most about this tweet, besides Hallsy's terrible chirping skills,

[description: Picture of RNH surrounded by reporters, retweeted by Taylor Hall who has added "why so many reporters?"]
is that it reminds me that the World Juniors selection camp was for-real front page news in Canada (below the fold, I will grant you), including an enormous section on how amazing it's going to be if Nuge plays, and it hasn't even happened yet. I mention this because I feel that the non-Canadian hockey people on my flist should know how thoroughly Canada can live up to its stereotypes. *g*

Elementary is still interesting, though I find myself failing to keep up properly and ending up watching two or three episodes at once at intervals. I think it's improving though. The plots seem to be getting better and Joan is getting a ton more to do. They're getting better at longform character arcs too. spoilers for 1x09 )
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Okay, Elementaryx04 has redeemed itself pretty thoroughly. spoilers )

Elementary is still hella procedural-esque, but it's shaping up to be a reasonably good one, so I might actually stick around on this one.

Also everyone who told me to read other Elizabeth Wein books because they were less traumatic was only correct in the sense that they were MARGINALLY less traumatic. Spoilers for Code Name: Verity, and The Sunbird ) Of course, I'm going to read more of her books because Wein continues to be a fantastic writer and her attention to historical detail is fucking ace, but I'm just going to go out on a limb here and guess that terrible things probably happen in ALL of them (in amazing, heartbreaking ways, natch.) I do recommend the hell out of The Sunbird, because everything about Wein's historical world-building was great (6th century Africa! how cool is that!) and the narrative is compelling as hell, I'm just saying: brace yourself, she writes gorgeous beautiful books that can rip your heart out at a moment's notice.
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Still vaguely watching Elementary. Not sure what I think. spoilers )

More ridiculously, I've also spent the last few days watching all of Oil Change. I admire their attempts to turn two disappointing seasons into an uplifting narrative, but it can be a little silly. As much as I enjoyed a lot of it (mostly the bits everyone has already seen, like Hall/Eberle house tour), I can't get over things like this gem:

where they genuinely try to convince us that Taylor Hall getting a skate to the face in practice was evidence of leadership. Which, no. I'm willing to believe that he is a leader in other ways, but, y'know, not through skates to the face. No one should be following his lead on that.
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I am infinitely delighted that Fringe is back! spoilery thoughts on the episode )


I also finally got around to watching the Elementary pilot! I enjoyed it a fair bit, though spoilers ) Will probably watch the next episode.


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