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It's funny, I was never even a regular follower of [livejournal.com profile] crack_van, but I'm still sad that it's going to close. Also suddenly insistent on posting on my dw, just because everyone keeps saying it heralds the end of lj, which is sort of true, but NOT YET, DAMNIT.

I need to watch more Wild games, if only because their commercials infuriate me less. Give me soft-focus hockey players and non-creepy gambling ads, every other fucking hockey team! Also, I now want fic shipping this lady with the waitress because how was that NOT where this ad was going? Hunter lady hitting on Bambi with bad deer jokes, which Bambi has FUCKING HEARD BEFORE, THANKS, and then something, something, make-outs? Possibly angry ones? :D

But seriously, why can't all the other states have ads where people just go gamble socially because they like it, instead of lying to their friends and families about it?

Though probably US advertising is a lost cause to me because I am so fucking creeped out by all of these intensely threatening healthcare ads where if you don't have some particular kind of insurance you are going to DIE IN A HOLE. DDDD:

(Goddamnit, I need more icons with women. Korra not very relevant, but still lovely?)
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Go read all the Femslash Exchange 20013 fics! There are some super fabulous ones, and also SO MUCH FEMSLASH IN GENERAL. YAY. :D There are like a million fandoms represented, so I strongly encourage checking the whole list out.

In other AO3 news, apparently there's a 'fandoms' page that isn't the works one that lists all the extant character tags and all the associated pairings with each! Which is kind of handy, or at least fascinating to poke at! The hockey one is here, and they're all under ao3.org/fandoms/[fandom tag in question]. Organisation! \o/ Also, I think this could be useful in some way for some kind of rare ships or rare characters fest, but no definite plans yet.

Reading Ben MacIntyre's Double Cross sulkily, because I do want all of this information about WWII spies (there are recently declassified documents! It's very cool!), but I could do without the general impression that the author is secretly very upset that no one turned out to be James Bond. These people did massively impressive things! Stop complaining that they did them while being besotted with a small dog/being unimpressively drunk/giving everything bad pun codenames/talking like real people from the period, including slang that now sounds goofy and uncool! Sigh.


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