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I love pissy and inaccurate marginal annotations in library books. This one has angrily crossed out the "state" in "state school" to write "provincial", which is a sort of correct as the school in question is in Ontario, but the author is from the UK, is writing for a UK audience, and clearly means "government-run, i.e. not privately owned." GOOD JOB, ANNOTATOR.

Less inaccurate, but equally endearing are the people who correct typos in library books. It's just so entirely futile and certainly doesn't improve the look of the thing, and we never seem to be talking about misprints that entirely change the meaning of a sentence, but a 'the' transposed to 'teh' which, honestly, I am just as likely to miss entirely as the copyeditor did if you don't draw attention to it with your pen scribbles.

(Underlining and highlighting in public books on the other hand is a social evil, and I will have no truck with it.)
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...that was underwhelming.

spoilers )

So, can we have a season of Asami's biplane adventures? I would infinitely rather watch Asami's biplane adventures. Someone should come talk to me about Asami and Korra flying away from all the nonsense to go do useful things together.


Jul. 6th, 2013 08:58 am
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I'm enjoying Welcome to Night Vale a lot. I'm not very far into it so far, but the pastiche of community radio is spot-on, and I really appreciate that it punches up its shadowy and inexplicable conspiracies with an onslaught of cryptic details, rather than trying to wring too much drama out of a small number of very creepy things. I hadn't previously thought about it, but once they do it, it becomes obvious that audio horror needs to take the opposite tack to visual horror and talk all the time about what is there, rather than trying to keep everything in the shadows as much as possible. Very interesting.

People keep recommending Orphan Black to me, and it sounds good, but, well, I watched about half the first ep and I really need someone to tell me if it's all going to be people trying to pass themselves off as other people. I just get too worried and twitchy to watch hours of that kind of infiltration. It's irrational, I know.

The NHL is having wild flailing drama over trades/signings as was anticipated. I find it hard to do anything but laugh, because it's all so ludicrous, and the interesting narratives won't shake out properly for another few months. Kind of mad that the Avs didn't take Jones, but on the other hand, the likelihood that they wouldn't have done something batshit with him is low. Also the Oilers seem to have done nothing truly inexplicable yet, which is better than I would have expected.

I love the hell out of genderswap in general, but I am baffled by the number of hockey genderswaps where players have some kind of elaborate system of braids or buns to keep their hair back when they play. Firstly, think about how long tons of male players keep their hair, and secondly, have they not seen female hockey players who mostly manage to keep long hair out of their faces just fine with a ponytail? (See also: 90s Jagr.) Hair is just not that big of a deal once you've got a helmet on top of it. Braid crowns are difficult to keep in place, and mean that there's a pointy-ish bit of metal against your scalp if something smashes into your helmet.

Also I don't understand the point of genderswapping Elizabeth Bennett because that removes the entire impetus of the plot of P&P.
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spoilers, all the spoilers, everything is a spoiler )

In less emotionally incoherent news: last night's Pens-Flyers game was an amazing let down of people remembering that they are adults who all know how to play hockey rather than small children who aren't quite clear on the rules. I especially enjoyed how the announcers were also clearly sad that things had calmed the fuck down. And we're moving on to Game 6! Which is all I want really: I don't really have a team I support so much as I want to watch these two teams play all the fail!hockey against each other forever because it's funny as hell. I have been following other series because apparently hockey is a thing that has been happening to me, but they have been so much more staid in comparison, which is a hell of a thing to say about ridiculous hits and endless last minute game-tying shots.


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