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I'm not sure why I keep watching So You Think You Can Dance. Some of the dancing is beautiful and yet I am so tired of them saying things like "this is the most diverse season yet!" while cutting POC dancers in favour of white girls who could be twins, and lumping the stepper and this guy:

(Cyrus, who is amazing and one of the few reasons left to watch the show even if I don't actually know the name for his style of hip-hop) into "hip-hop" (which is accurate, but does not describe the massive differences between their styles), while making sure we know that the remaining contemporary, jazz and "classically trained" dancers are all doing TOTALLY DIFFERENT THINGS, REALLY. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth, though I will probably carry on watching, whining throughout.

More cheerfully, I am loving the pictures from the hockey players' bargaining meeting. They just remind me so hard of my experiences with union meetings, even if their stakes are much higher so they're probably paying marginally more attention than we all were, and ours never involved shirtless glamour shots posted to facebook. There's just something about a bunch of people eying their copies of the collective bargaining equipment and taking advantage of the catering, that is instantly familiar to me, and makes me want all the terrible fic about sitting through terrible powerpoint presentations, and hating that one person who keeps asking questions that make it clear they don't understand any of the issues, or possibly even what unions are. It would be super boring to read so I don't think it's going to exist, but I'm enjoying the hell out of it in my head.


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