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Rereading Gordon Korman because, come on, should we not all be rereading Gordon Korman constantly? Comfort reading ftw.

I really want fic about Commando (The Twinkie Squad) and Sam (No Coins, Please) meeting in university and becoming angry queer activists together! Commando has the encyclopaedic knowledge of the US political landscape! Sam has the rage against the machine! Together they make angry flyers, and Sam makes fun of Commando for living in a country without healthcare!

I can't decide if it ends Sam/Commando, or if Commando and Douglas are still my OTP, and Sam is just his activist soulmate. In any case this fic doesn't have a plot, and would be hard to write, and also no one would read it, but I want it really badly.

It will have to go in the list of other fics I want, but that don't have a real plot. A small selection of same:

these ones are all hockey )
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Can we just ban the Oilers from blocking shots? They don't seem to be very good at it and they keep injuring themselves. They are literally going to run out of guys if they don't cut this out. /o\ Seriously, it can't be worse to lose with slightly more goals against than it's going to be to play without ALL OF YOUR PLAYERS if you keep letting them get injured.

It's great that some of their AHL guys are getting chances, but couldn't it happen because of something other than the regular roster dropping like flies? :(

Also I don't understand why athletics companies are really keen on the idea of guys training in abandoned buildings, but I enjoy how into the crackships they are?

(Just look at their faces at the end there. How is there not porn already?)
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No, seriously, I feel like a badass and also Uhura because I fixed my computer! With SOLDERING! (Admittedly, and some assistance as I've never soldered before, but I don't feel that that diminishes my triumph as much as it diminishes my chance of setting something on fire like an idiot.) The wires to my power jack came unsoldered and I fucking FIXED THEM. :DDD Also now my computer doesn't seem to be randomly complaining that it's about to run out of power because things came loose so high fives all round.

Furthermore, [tumblr.com profile] mistfarer made this:

[photoset of pictures of various combinations of Steven Stamkos, PK Subban, Michael Del Zotto, Jeff Skinner, Tyler Seguin, John Tavares, James Neal, Paul Bisonnette, and Sam Gagner looking happy]

and we agree that all the fic based on it should exist? There are so many goofy pictures of these guys together! They've known each other forever nd they talk on twitter all the time! There should definitely be fic about summer shenanigans in Toronto and/or ridiculous people trying to have long-distance relationships.


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