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The trouble with things getting very busy in a tedious work and family medical issues way is that when you return, you have zero interesting things to say to fandom and posting continues to not happen. I was doing sort of well with trying not to forget DW/LJ beforehand! Bah.

I did get my hands on Pratchett's Raising Steam which...it's a Discworld novel. If you like those, you've probably already decided to read this one. If you haven't read any, don't start here, it's basically "I like trains and here are many characters I hope you're already attached to." I am, in fact, attached to many of them, so I won't deny that I enjoyed that bit, but otherwise, it's a little flat, though perhaps less so if you're already as devoted to trains as he clearly is.

However, let us discuss the strange things he's decided to do with gender lately. So Spoilers for both Raising Steam and I Shall Wear Midnight )
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1) It is the Glorious 25th of May! Always remember truth, freedom, justice, reasonably-priced love and a hard-boiled egg!

2) Weird stream-crossing moment: was reminded that my aunt and a friend of hers have stage-managed at several NHL All-Star games, which I had never really cared about before as I followed hockey not at all, but which has become deeply weird as the ASG is now mostly in my head as a setting for porn. Hockey has damped my RPF awkwardness enough that I can watch games/interviews, but apparently this is my new line and it's giving me the jibblies (I'm not stopping, mind, just desperately trying not to think about it as a real place.)

3) Saw the Avengers again. Went with a non-fannish friend, which was interesting. She liked it, but was just totally uninterested in all the little character details. It's not really surprising, but it was odd, especially as I was finding all that stuff way more obvious the second time round, and she was clearly thinking of the movie as several enjoyable action sequences strung together. It was still a good time, though mostly I just want ALL the fic, rather than the sequel.


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