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So, I was writing a gushy post about how adorable Tripp and John were last night, what with Tripp's birthday, and his surprise cake, and his totally baffling attempt to talk about some random staff members while some different staff members waved a cake in his face and tried to make him blow out candles, and John looked on fondly forever. But I was also watching tonight's game, and Tripp started telling adorable stories about the Canes' Cup run, and how he wept when they won, and it reminded me all over again me exactly why I like him so much. He's not just a font of baffling and adorable flirting/bizarre stories/Czech fetishes. He's also so good at being a serious homer without actually being gross about it. He can make it abundantly clear that he is cheering for the Canes without saying anything bad about the other team! And he can WEEP AT THEIR CUP WIN, and also acknowledge on camera that they did actually commit that penalty, the refs are being fair, he just wishes they wouldn't do those things.

Not that I don't also ship Tripp and John a lot, because I REALLY DO, and they've clearly worked some shit out because John ~no longer says good night in the elevator on road trips~ (literally something they said during a broadcast) and there's been a lot of flirting, but ugh, they're so good at their jobs, and it just makes me happy.

(...and now my DW can match my twitter, where I'm pretty sure fully half my tweets are Tripp related. He's just so great!)

Also, people should come talk to me about fics that should exist because all mine are slightly stalled and I want something to think about. What things do you want to pop into existence? Not that I promise to write anything, but we can commiserate together.


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