Jan. 20th, 2014 06:24 pm
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I have succumbed to the allure of a trope bingo card.

card )

Somehow I'm not sure I need pushing to write more wingfic, but everyone should come try to convince me to write things/discuss my options!
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Rereading Gordon Korman because, come on, should we not all be rereading Gordon Korman constantly? Comfort reading ftw.

I really want fic about Commando (The Twinkie Squad) and Sam (No Coins, Please) meeting in university and becoming angry queer activists together! Commando has the encyclopaedic knowledge of the US political landscape! Sam has the rage against the machine! Together they make angry flyers, and Sam makes fun of Commando for living in a country without healthcare!

I can't decide if it ends Sam/Commando, or if Commando and Douglas are still my OTP, and Sam is just his activist soulmate. In any case this fic doesn't have a plot, and would be hard to write, and also no one would read it, but I want it really badly.

It will have to go in the list of other fics I want, but that don't have a real plot. A small selection of same:

these ones are all hockey )
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It turns out that the reason this fic does not work, despite my having written it twice, in both relevant POVs, is because the problem was not the POV, but that it needs to be maybe 10k of feelings and plot, instead of entirely porn. (The number is an extreme ballpark: I have, as yet, written none of the version that has an actual plot, and am choosing instead to whine to dw/lj about it.) There will probably be porn in it in addition to the feelings, but that isn't really a comfort at this point.

I'm really only still attached to it after all of this fuss because I think there needs to be more (any) PK/Stamkos in this fandom. This doesn't really make it easier to write, but at least I know now? So maybe, eventually, in a long damn time, this will be fic? *sigh*
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Two fics, different authors, same fandom, same pairing. One unintentionally creepy, the other one with an acknowledged sketchy situation actually completely funny and charming.

Cut for discussion of sketchy power dynamics/fic tropes )


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