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I'm delighted by how many new hockey posts there have been on lj/DW lately! Conversations have been happening! I have multiple lj comments to answer! It's exciting. I've missed this. Hello new people! (Also, if you added me and I've somehow failed to notice, let me know! I'm dreadful at keeping track.)

I appreciate how Jeff Skinner's taste in media is totally 12 year-old me. I wasn't really a Cassie Clare fan, but I ate up equally ridiculous things with a spoon, and also read the Scarlet Pimpernel a bunch of times. I don't really know how to work this into fic, but I feel it should be done.

Dutchy's been kindly updating us that he's off to Vail, and I have high hopes! I mean, I wrote 40k with mistfarer about two pictures from last year (coming soon! editing is the worst!), so clearly it doesn't take much.

Slightly grumpy about the Shaw Festival's Guys and Dolls production, which I saw this week. It wasn't bad, but c'mon, you're the Shaw festival! You've got your pick of Canadian actors! Why on earth was the choreography that awkward? It was amateur theatre choreo, where people are enthusiastic, but also not necessarily all up to the same standard. But these were definitely all trained dancers. The two times they gave them something interesting to do, they were clearly wildly competent. But they didn't get much to do, and clearly hadn't been rehearsed enough because their unison was shitty. It was very odd.

I get making e.g. Nathan Detroit a poor dancer as a characterisation decision. But the whole point of musicals is that you don't need to explain why Unnamed Gamblers 6-14 are doing choreography. They just DO. Also the female lead needed to stop slouching. It wasn't at all a period slouch.

Not a terrible production, but it could have been so much better! I have had all the songs stuck in my head for days though, so clearly it succeeded on some level.


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