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I keep writing things at [livejournal.com profile] home_ice, I guess? SFW fluff.

height difference (Sidney Crosby/Jordan Staal)

Jordy likes to start off as the little spoon, however lopsided Sid thinks it looks. He's incapable, however, of keeping it up for a whole night, spreading out across the bed, tangling his limbs around Sid or half off the edge. He'd probably lie diagonally in the bed if Sid let him, which he refuses to do, even when Jordy grumbles at him in his sleep.

So it's definitely ridiculous how much Jordy cares when they're falling asleep, pushing himself back into Sid's space, tugging at Sid's arms and whining that Sid should know how to cuddle by now, after all his work. Sid grumbles into his hair, but curls around him anyway, asleep almost instantly, in spite of himself.

not spring, not summer, and not fall (Taylor Hall and Jordan Eberle)

Being on the ice all the time makes the existence of weather kind of weird. Plus, this road trip has been really long, and mostly in southern cities. Taylor definitely explained all this to everyone, so there's no reason for them to be chirping him about how short his borrowed hoodie is in the sleeves. It's fucking cold in St. Louis and he needs it, okay? He hunches down into the warmth of Ebs' sweater, pulling it tight and cozy around him, and glares at Ebs' stupid laughing face.

I'll have to remember that this format for prompts (make a secret list of six pairings, get someone to give you six prompts, match them up) apparently works really well for me! :D
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