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2014-06-01 08:03 am

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No disappointment like discovering a new volume by an author you admire and then realising it's actually just a bizarre reorganisation of some of their previous work. I know why the publishers do this, but why on earth do libraries fall for it? I'm not even talking about publishing selections from an author's massive, hundreds of pages long corpus, which is perfectly logical, but making selections from two already quite short volumes, or even publishing something as selections from a single volume, which was already only about 200 pages long and has now been cut to the much more reasonable...150 pages. Don't the libraries have something better to spend their (as they keep reminding us) extremely limited budgets on, when they already own copies of every single word in this new volume, in formats that are no less convenient for even the average reader? Or at least hint in the description that it is, in fact, selections from this other book, so we don't waste your money ferrying the volume between libraries for me to find that out for myself.
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2014-02-26 01:33 pm

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Just discovered that gmail has been helpfully marking lj comments as spam for no reason I can discern. >:( I'm letting the conversations in question lie as it has been a few months for most of them, but this is a general apology to anyone who thought I was ignoring them: sorry about that, I didn't see it.

Ridiculously, gmail has never once marked actual spam comments on my lj as spam email, but apparently long threads containing full paragraphs and complete sentences, it hates?
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2014-02-25 06:08 pm

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Why does everyone keep bringing up the fact that pseudophedrine can be cooked down into meth when they talk about Olympic athletes not being able to take it? A) Nicklas Backstrom didn't test positive for meth. B) Meth doesn't make you extra good at sports, so probably athletes are just taking pseudophedrine straight if they are taking it, instead of doing a bunch of chemistry first.

This is a perfectly reasonable thing to bring up if we're discussing why it's a controlled substance in general, but it doesn't actually make anyone's use of allergy medication more suspicious. He's not also running a meth ring, guys! Even if he was, it wouldn't actually make him ineligible to win a medal under the doping rules! (Any other rules, I'm not touching, but he's not running a meth lab, so it doesn't matter.)

...probably I should have some other takeaway from the Olympics than this, but not really, except for being angry on PK Subban's behalf. Also I want fic, but I think everyone knows that, so you should just talk to me about it already. ;)
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2014-01-06 09:31 pm

Community S5E1 and 2

I don't know how I feel about the latest episodes of Community. For me, Community works best when it's about a real community college, even a surreal one. One that has ridiculous classes because there's a mandate to try and boost enrollment and someone said "sailing!" and someone else said "Who's the Boss!" but those are still real classes where someone is trying to teach you something about media and tv via outdated sitcoms. I like a lot of the character changes they've done - Troy and Abed moving in together and adding Annie, Jeff having to adjust to not being a wealthy lawyer, Shirley actually moving toward her dream, for just a few - but I feel like the show is at its worst when it doesn't want to be about a community college (which is of course a different thing than being a community college that is additionally an extremely serious Pillowfort Battlefield, or Law and Order spoof.) Also, there's a difference between being aware that your college lacks prestige and funding while containing messes and bad paperwork, and a school actually being a nonsense.

spoilers )

What do you guys think?

Also, entirely unrelatedly, I wrote a thing:
Congrats on Your Everything (Not You, Jeff) (2359 words) by opusculasedfera
Fandom: Hockey RPF
Rating: Explicit
Relationships: Elias Lindholm/Ryan Murphy/Jeff Skinner
Summary: Porn, set after the Canes' Dec 6th game against the Sharks.
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2014-01-05 07:36 am

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I've been listening to more podcasts recently, and I like the idea of the You Are Not So Smart one, but also I want a rule (in life, not just in podcasts) that if you are studying something anti-social that people do, you have to study the effects. Not just the specific instant responses, but long term effects. Hopefully this would prevent people like David Buss from genuinely saying, in response to a question about warning signs of jealousy that people can look for, "well, if you're being abused, you're in more danger of being murdered by your partner." I do believe that he doesn't think doing terrible things out of jealousy is good, but it's kind of astonishing to me that he can study this and genuinely think being cut off from your social circles or "having your self-esteem lowered" are just warning signs for murder rather than actual abuse in their own right with massive consequences, and it skeeves me the fuck out about his research if he can do this much work on abuse and not know this. THIS IS WHY NO ONE LIKES EVOLUTIONARY PSYCHOLOGISTS, BRO.

I am, however, enjoying Amanda Downum's Necromancer Chronicles very much. A+ lots of queer relationships! Well integrated socially too: it's not just one queer couple and a lot of talking about how no one minds, there are lots of past and present queer couples, and people discuss operas featuring a variety of different relationships. And trans* characters! Also spoilers for very excellent trope )

Plus complicated politics and magic and people who actually feel like they have long histories, not just in their most deep and serious relationships, but equally in people they've known casually for ages, or unimportant shit they've done, and that kind of thing. Highly recommended.
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2013-12-16 01:26 pm

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Beginning to bake things to give away this Christmas, and spending a lot of time being unnecessarily judgemental online recipe websites. Fudge recipes are the worst offender. I have no problem with people altering recipes to suit dietary restrictions, but why would you bother to make a frozen slush of spinach and banana and pretend that it was fudge? Just make a fruit ice and be done with it. Or apple sauce mixed with peanut butter. If you want to put that on a sandwich, have fun, but why pretend that it is fudge, a dish made from the interaction of sugar and dairy to create something that isn't quite caramel, but isn't totally unlike it? I just want to be able to filter out all the people who get all self-righteous about cutting the sugar out of things that are literally made of sugar.*

Also, what on earth is the point of making things eggnog flavoured? Especially cake. Eggnog tastes like milk and eggs and both those things are already in cake recipes! I can't imagine that adding heavily preserved eggs and milk would make any particular difference to a batter, unless what you were missing was the taste of those preserved chemicals. Just flavour things with nutmeg and be happy. Nutmeg is delicious and can be enjoyed outside of eggnog, I promise.

*(Actual diabetics have my sympathy, these people are clearly not diabetics, or are going to be very sad ones when they realise that the maple syrup they believe to be a magical panacea is actually made of sucrose.)

In less grumpy news, I watched Pitch Perfect, which is as delightfully femslashy as everyone said, but also, why did no one tell me that the love interest is totally a Manic Pixie Dream Guy? Because he really is. He shows up, and is wacky at the protagonist, and tells her to have more emotions, and then she wins him back at the end by being very good at the thing she was always very good at which he did not actively help her with at all (you could maybe count him as a muse, but only in the most inactive sense), and totally not saying sorry! He is way less important to her narrative than music and her (all female) musical partners. I was kind of sorry her final mashup wasn't all ladies, because that would have been more thematically consistent, but it was definitely worthwhile fluff that was actually as lady-centric as it claimed to be!

Also Princess Monster Truck has been going around again, and I hope she brings you as much joy as she does me.
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2013-09-21 10:08 am

Korra: S2E3

How is this the slightly older A:tlA? Avatar was a million times more subtle than this.

spoilers )

More cheerfully, holy shit is Ryan O'Reilly ever trying to get back in Matt Duchene's good graces after all that bitterness last season. (To be fair, scoring very pretty goals for the Avs is definitely a proven method for achieving that.) Turns out I would definitely read all of that break-up/make-up fic. I was mostly just amused at the bad blood last season (oh Matty, so many crazy eyes when your team was terrible), but I am super susceptible to how weirdly excited all the media is getting about them being friends again, especially with all of this dredging up of how close they were in their first couple years. The shippiness of the hockey media never ceases to amaze.
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2013-09-15 10:04 am

Legend of Korra, S2E1-2

...that was underwhelming.

spoilers )

So, can we have a season of Asami's biplane adventures? I would infinitely rather watch Asami's biplane adventures. Someone should come talk to me about Asami and Korra flying away from all the nonsense to go do useful things together.
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2013-08-30 09:55 am

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I'm delighted by how many new hockey posts there have been on lj/DW lately! Conversations have been happening! I have multiple lj comments to answer! It's exciting. I've missed this. Hello new people! (Also, if you added me and I've somehow failed to notice, let me know! I'm dreadful at keeping track.)

I appreciate how Jeff Skinner's taste in media is totally 12 year-old me. I wasn't really a Cassie Clare fan, but I ate up equally ridiculous things with a spoon, and also read the Scarlet Pimpernel a bunch of times. I don't really know how to work this into fic, but I feel it should be done.

Dutchy's been kindly updating us that he's off to Vail, and I have high hopes! I mean, I wrote 40k with mistfarer about two pictures from last year (coming soon! editing is the worst!), so clearly it doesn't take much.

Slightly grumpy about the Shaw Festival's Guys and Dolls production, which I saw this week. It wasn't bad, but c'mon, you're the Shaw festival! You've got your pick of Canadian actors! Why on earth was the choreography that awkward? It was amateur theatre choreo, where people are enthusiastic, but also not necessarily all up to the same standard. But these were definitely all trained dancers. The two times they gave them something interesting to do, they were clearly wildly competent. But they didn't get much to do, and clearly hadn't been rehearsed enough because their unison was shitty. It was very odd.

I get making e.g. Nathan Detroit a poor dancer as a characterisation decision. But the whole point of musicals is that you don't need to explain why Unnamed Gamblers 6-14 are doing choreography. They just DO. Also the female lead needed to stop slouching. It wasn't at all a period slouch.

Not a terrible production, but it could have been so much better! I have had all the songs stuck in my head for days though, so clearly it succeeded on some level.
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2013-08-28 10:41 am

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...there are Sam Gagner for Oilers captain rumours. I love him to distraction, but WHAT? Not that he won't do fine, but they have so many other guys who are either shinier or older? I guess he's a compromise? Who knows? *hands*

Explanations or mutual flailing equally welcome.

Ditto all flailing over PK's continued quest to flirt with everyone and document it for the internet. There needs to be a billion more stories about PK and Carey at Olympics camp NOW. Actually, there needs to be all the Olympics camp fic in general, but PK is the one making it gloriously easy.

Or come whine at me about your wips and stuff. I just finished my big bang draft (because I was avoiding summarising it for my artist, oops), so now I'm poking at my other nine million, and grumbling. LET US ALL LOATHE THE WRITING PROCESS TOGETHER. :P
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2013-08-15 03:47 pm

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It took me an age, but I finally caught up on Welcome to Night Vale. Still highly recommending it for fans of humorously creepy things, and also can now speak to how intensely adorable the canon queer relationship is (and it is very adorable.) Now to dive into all the fic! :D

I also watched Broadchurch. In two days, so I can't complain that it wasn't compelling, but the ending rather annoyed me. Olivia Coleman is wonderful, and, spoilers )

Also, there is every chance I'm using this entry as an excuse to not write my big bang, oops.
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2013-07-06 08:58 am


I'm enjoying Welcome to Night Vale a lot. I'm not very far into it so far, but the pastiche of community radio is spot-on, and I really appreciate that it punches up its shadowy and inexplicable conspiracies with an onslaught of cryptic details, rather than trying to wring too much drama out of a small number of very creepy things. I hadn't previously thought about it, but once they do it, it becomes obvious that audio horror needs to take the opposite tack to visual horror and talk all the time about what is there, rather than trying to keep everything in the shadows as much as possible. Very interesting.

People keep recommending Orphan Black to me, and it sounds good, but, well, I watched about half the first ep and I really need someone to tell me if it's all going to be people trying to pass themselves off as other people. I just get too worried and twitchy to watch hours of that kind of infiltration. It's irrational, I know.

The NHL is having wild flailing drama over trades/signings as was anticipated. I find it hard to do anything but laugh, because it's all so ludicrous, and the interesting narratives won't shake out properly for another few months. Kind of mad that the Avs didn't take Jones, but on the other hand, the likelihood that they wouldn't have done something batshit with him is low. Also the Oilers seem to have done nothing truly inexplicable yet, which is better than I would have expected.

I love the hell out of genderswap in general, but I am baffled by the number of hockey genderswaps where players have some kind of elaborate system of braids or buns to keep their hair back when they play. Firstly, think about how long tons of male players keep their hair, and secondly, have they not seen female hockey players who mostly manage to keep long hair out of their faces just fine with a ponytail? (See also: 90s Jagr.) Hair is just not that big of a deal once you've got a helmet on top of it. Braid crowns are difficult to keep in place, and mean that there's a pointy-ish bit of metal against your scalp if something smashes into your helmet.

Also I don't understand the point of genderswapping Elizabeth Bennett because that removes the entire impetus of the plot of P&P.
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2012-12-16 04:36 pm

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Why am I unable to stop reading books that irritate me?

I picked up L'histoire de la cuisine familiale du Qu├ębec by Michal Lambert as part of my ongoing improve-my-appalling-French project because hey, history and cooking! cut for length and complaining )