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It took me an age, but I finally caught up on Welcome to Night Vale. Still highly recommending it for fans of humorously creepy things, and also can now speak to how intensely adorable the canon queer relationship is (and it is very adorable.) Now to dive into all the fic! :D

I also watched Broadchurch. In two days, so I can't complain that it wasn't compelling, but the ending rather annoyed me. Olivia Coleman is wonderful, and I was mainly invested in the show for her portrayal of DS Ellie Stop This Brooding Bullshit Miller to David Tennant's DI Alec Thinks He's In A Noir Hardy. Also her endearing family life. If you've seen it, you will now be laughing a hollow laugh. (Her husband turns out to be the murderer and to have been involved with the 11 year old victim.)

I can appreciate the skill with which they managed the ending, but it undermined all the actually interesting things they were doing so thoroughly. They'd done such a good job with, say, Alec's heart problems, pointing out that collapsing unexpectedly ISN'T a useful skill for a cop, even if he is very smart, and it does make him awfully tragic. They'd noticed that crimes do actually get solved even if we allow the cops involved to sleep every once in a while and be friendly with one another! That there's a shitton of gendered expectations for women cops that make it very difficult, and a lot of male cops giving them "tests" all the damn time!

But the last episode was so intent on how cleverly it was producing a new suspect that no one had thought of before!!! that it cut away all of the interesting things in favour of "smart man saves day, kind women are easily bamboozled, p.s. the only relationships that will be functioning by the end are the het ones where the woman was just under 16 when it began, no matter how old the man was." Which is creepy as shit for a show with such a strong theme of pedophilia. I really do feel that the ending ruined it for me, which is a shame when it was such a well made show otherwise. Anyone think differently? I'd rather like to be convinced, or at least to have a good grumble with someone else who's seen it.

Also, there is every chance I'm using this entry as an excuse to not write my big bang, oops.

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DS Ellie Stop This Brooding Bullshit Miller to David Tennant's DI Alec Thinks He's In A Noir Hardy.
Yes! I loved watching it, was hooked and thought it was clever and well-made but I was a little pissed off at the end where it turns out that husbands who stay at home looking after children while their wives are busy having successful careers become so lonely and frustrated that they turn to 11 year-old boys for friendship, fall in love with them and then murder them.

I missed the first episode so I'm not sure what we knew about how they decided he was going to be the one to stay at home and how that relationship was set up. I love Olivia Colman and she was heart-wrenching at the end, which I think sort of means it had to have that ending, but there is a huge aspect of it that I am cross about, if that makes sense.

I have bought the box set of Twenty-Twelve where I can watch Olivia Colman being quietly desperately unrequited insead.

If you like female cops, have you seen Scott & Bailey?


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