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I was thinking about doing a New Year's meme, but none of the ones I've seen so far have appealed, so have my booklist for 2013 instead.

Books of 2013 )
Fewer than last year, which feels odd, though I suppose I also started doing a lot more fiction writing this year, which sort of makes up for it, or is at least interestingly different. Need to step up with the French though.

I almost didn't make [community profile] 50books_poc this year, but pulled it out in the end. Next year I'm aiming for not reading ALL THE SHORT STORIES in the final week of December, but at least my streak isn't broken! (Four years! I don't know if it's really doing anything, but better than not doing, I suppose. And I have read lots of lovely things.)
50 Books POC )

And I still can't believe that the Canes spoilers for last night's game, I guess ) In other hockey news of last night, I managed to have a conversation at the party with someone who thought Phil Kessel was a goalie, which is a good trick in Toronto, I think. Otoh, the party was graced by the host's giant Bruins flag decor, so Toronto: hockey diverse is perhaps the message. (He's from Ottawa, technically, which I don't think makes any more sense of it.) I still don't know how to talk hockey with non-fannish types, but the alcohol helps.
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So, I was writing a gushy post about how adorable Tripp and John were last night, what with Tripp's birthday, and his surprise cake, and his totally baffling attempt to talk about some random staff members while some different staff members waved a cake in his face and tried to make him blow out candles, and John looked on fondly forever. But I was also watching tonight's game, and Tripp started telling adorable stories about the Canes' Cup run, and how he wept when they won, and it reminded me all over again me exactly why I like him so much. He's not just a font of baffling and adorable flirting/bizarre stories/Czech fetishes. He's also so good at being a serious homer without actually being gross about it. He can make it abundantly clear that he is cheering for the Canes without saying anything bad about the other team! And he can WEEP AT THEIR CUP WIN, and also acknowledge on camera that they did actually commit that penalty, the refs are being fair, he just wishes they wouldn't do those things.

Not that I don't also ship Tripp and John a lot, because I REALLY DO, and they've clearly worked some shit out because John ~no longer says good night in the elevator on road trips~ (literally something they said during a broadcast) and there's been a lot of flirting, but ugh, they're so good at their jobs, and it just makes me happy.

(...and now my DW can match my twitter, where I'm pretty sure fully half my tweets are Tripp related. He's just so great!)

Also, people should come talk to me about fics that should exist because all mine are slightly stalled and I want something to think about. What things do you want to pop into existence? Not that I promise to write anything, but we can commiserate together.
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Beginning to bake things to give away this Christmas, and spending a lot of time being unnecessarily judgemental online recipe websites. Fudge recipes are the worst offender. I have no problem with people altering recipes to suit dietary restrictions, but why would you bother to make a frozen slush of spinach and banana and pretend that it was fudge? Just make a fruit ice and be done with it. Or apple sauce mixed with peanut butter. If you want to put that on a sandwich, have fun, but why pretend that it is fudge, a dish made from the interaction of sugar and dairy to create something that isn't quite caramel, but isn't totally unlike it? I just want to be able to filter out all the people who get all self-righteous about cutting the sugar out of things that are literally made of sugar.*

Also, what on earth is the point of making things eggnog flavoured? Especially cake. Eggnog tastes like milk and eggs and both those things are already in cake recipes! I can't imagine that adding heavily preserved eggs and milk would make any particular difference to a batter, unless what you were missing was the taste of those preserved chemicals. Just flavour things with nutmeg and be happy. Nutmeg is delicious and can be enjoyed outside of eggnog, I promise.

*(Actual diabetics have my sympathy, these people are clearly not diabetics, or are going to be very sad ones when they realise that the maple syrup they believe to be a magical panacea is actually made of sucrose.)

In less grumpy news, I watched Pitch Perfect, which is as delightfully femslashy as everyone said, but also, why did no one tell me that the love interest is totally a Manic Pixie Dream Guy? Because he really is. He shows up, and is wacky at the protagonist, and tells her to have more emotions, and then she wins him back at the end by being very good at the thing she was always very good at which he did not actively help her with at all (you could maybe count him as a muse, but only in the most inactive sense), and totally not saying sorry! He is way less important to her narrative than music and her (all female) musical partners. I was kind of sorry her final mashup wasn't all ladies, because that would have been more thematically consistent, but it was definitely worthwhile fluff that was actually as lady-centric as it claimed to be!

Also Princess Monster Truck has been going around again, and I hope she brings you as much joy as she does me.
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Today is the day of [community profile] fringe_exchange reveals! And if you haven't read all the excellent fics (and the one vid!) from that exchange yet, you should go do it.

I wrote a disgraceful charm (1007 words) for [personal profile] wendelah1
Fandom: Fringe
Relationships: Olivia Dunham/Esther Figglesworth
Summary:Two dames, an insufficient number of guns, and some bad jokes. A Brown Betty fic.

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] maleyka and [livejournal.com profile] vampirespider for gently separating me from my adverbs and other betaing. Also thanks to [personal profile] mistfarer for helping me title this, even though I wouldn't let her read it because she hasn't seen the episode yet. (Ilu!)
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This is Rosethorn's book, for those of you for whom such a thing would be a joy and a delight. It's also Evvy's book, and Briar obviously is in it and has POV bits, but it's the book where Rosethorn gets to have an arc.

Also the book where it is 100% on the page confirmed that she and Lark are both lovers and happily non-monogamous, which was obvious before, but is nice to have confirmed anyhow, especially in a YA book.

We also actually get some depth on what it means that some of the Emelan characters are religious dedicates and what that means to them personally rather than it simply being an alternative schooling system, which was nice! So Rosethorn gets that, and a little more family backstory and, basically, ROSETHORN. She's the best. I'm happy to have read her book.

Additional thoughts, plus spoilers )
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(Image stolen from [personal profile] wendelah1, thank you for everything!)

[community profile] fringe_exchange gifts are finally posted! (Well, last night, but I made too many posts then to want to type one for my own journal.) Thanks to everyone for participating; you made being a mod so easy. The masterlist is here, and I encourage you all to go read and comment because there's some great stuff!

It makes me want to do a rewatch, but given how many shows I'm only halfway through watching for the first time (shows I love, even! I'm just horrible at getting back to things if I ever take a break!), I don't know when I'll have the time.

Also, thanks to my fic betas for my exchange fic, I promise I'll credit you properly when I put it up on my AO3 in a week after we deanon. <3
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It's funny, I was never even a regular follower of [livejournal.com profile] crack_van, but I'm still sad that it's going to close. Also suddenly insistent on posting on my dw, just because everyone keeps saying it heralds the end of lj, which is sort of true, but NOT YET, DAMNIT.

I need to watch more Wild games, if only because their commercials infuriate me less. Give me soft-focus hockey players and non-creepy gambling ads, every other fucking hockey team! Also, I now want fic shipping this lady with the waitress because how was that NOT where this ad was going? Hunter lady hitting on Bambi with bad deer jokes, which Bambi has FUCKING HEARD BEFORE, THANKS, and then something, something, make-outs? Possibly angry ones? :D

But seriously, why can't all the other states have ads where people just go gamble socially because they like it, instead of lying to their friends and families about it?

Though probably US advertising is a lost cause to me because I am so fucking creeped out by all of these intensely threatening healthcare ads where if you don't have some particular kind of insurance you are going to DIE IN A HOLE. DDDD:

(Goddamnit, I need more icons with women. Korra not very relevant, but still lovely?)
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Going From Strength to Strength (1015 words) by opusculasedfera
Fandom: Hockey RPF
Rating: Mature
Relationships: Andrew Cogliano/Sam Gagner
Summary: Sam is totally an adult who can live on his own. He has his own couch and the dishes in the dishwasher are clean and everything.

I need more fic for this ship, seriously, but at least now there's something in their tag that isn't actually about other people? (Which, I shouldn't complain about because I wrote it. Oops.)

If you don't ship it already, may I direct your attention to these three videos, after which you will. They were such endearing tiny babies united in failure. :3
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Go read all the Femslash Exchange 20013 fics! There are some super fabulous ones, and also SO MUCH FEMSLASH IN GENERAL. YAY. :D There are like a million fandoms represented, so I strongly encourage checking the whole list out.

In other AO3 news, apparently there's a 'fandoms' page that isn't the works one that lists all the extant character tags and all the associated pairings with each! Which is kind of handy, or at least fascinating to poke at! The hockey one is here, and they're all under ao3.org/fandoms/[fandom tag in question]. Organisation! \o/ Also, I think this could be useful in some way for some kind of rare ships or rare characters fest, but no definite plans yet.

Reading Ben MacIntyre's Double Cross sulkily, because I do want all of this information about WWII spies (there are recently declassified documents! It's very cool!), but I could do without the general impression that the author is secretly very upset that no one turned out to be James Bond. These people did massively impressive things! Stop complaining that they did them while being besotted with a small dog/being unimpressively drunk/giving everything bad pun codenames/talking like real people from the period, including slang that now sounds goofy and uncool! Sigh.
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I have been...failing to post. :P

Reading Candace Dorsey's Black Wine and Fuyumi Ono's Twelve Kingdoms books simultaneously turns out to be really unsettling. They're not quite the same, but somehow the similarities in lanaguage and superficial content (lost strangers who don't know the rules of the places they have ended up interacting with complicated political situations, plus shifting POV/narrative strands) have made them merge in my head. It makes the Ono somewhat more tense if I'm expecting all the completely terrible things that happen in the Dorsey to be just around the corner, for one. (Black Wine is excellent, for the record! But a lot of horrible things happen. Warnings for sexual assault and assorted violence.) Very odd. I always read a million things at once and this generally doesn't happen to me.

Writing is failing to happen, which is irritating. I had one wip that I was very excited about writing, but I'm on a break with the characters in it (the hazards of rpf /o\) and now I'm sulking at everything else. In that spirit, if people want to leave me prompts (more than a single word, you know my fandoms), I'd love to see if that kickstarts anything for me.
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No one should be surprised that Wodehouse's letters are very charming, though I am rather baffled by some of the editorial decisions. There's a lengthy preface explaining why the editor, who claims to have been a personal friend of the family, chose to group them by subject and recipient rather than chronologically, so that was all right, but I don't understand their selection of letters about his wife. In all the other sections of the book, there were letters describing amusing incidents that had happened to the two of them or things they had done together. In the section on Ethel, there were exclusively letters in which he complained about things she had done, and then one final soppy love letter written to her. Could the editor not see any of the other letters in which she featured heavily as being 'about' her? Were they actively attempting to create the impression that he disliked his wife (and then possibly pull this supposed rug out from under the reader with the reveal of the love letter)? Now, it's not as though he was complaining in ways that were completely baffling for some people who were married a good long time. His letters didn't make me feel awful about their relationship in the way that lots of published letters from men of that generation do. They just sometimes didn't agree and complained to their friends about it. But it makes me uncomfortable that some editor decided these were humourous as a lump, because men totes hate their wives, amirite? Leaves a bad taste in the mouth. It's a shame, because the rest of the collection is fine.

In totally different writing news, I am still amused that I can write porn fairly straightfacedly, but editing still makes me crack up. There's still just something about having to write people earnest notes about why you don't think they need to mention there that his cock is hard, they mentioned it above, that makes me giggle. (Not at your porn, I assure anyone who I'm betaing! Just as the contrast between the earnestness of my comments and the, well, porniness of the porn.)
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I started writing this last fall, and it's finally done! It's...really not long enough to justify that! But, whatever, done! :D

Regina Was Never Like This (5608 words) by opusculasedfera
Fandom: Hockey RPF
Rating: Explicit
Relationships: Jordan Eberle/Taylor Hall
Summary:Tubes never turned into a girl before Jordan had had enough coffee to deal with it.

I kind of wanted to call it "Eating Your Feelings" but actually, that needs to be the title of an epic femslash fic about oral sex and denial. Someone who isn't me should get on writing that.
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Elementary! I am very bad at watching it on time, but this season has done some lovely things with character beats! Less lovely things with ripped from the headlines plots, but Joan and Sherlock continue to delight.

I read Sarah McCarry's All Our Pretty Songs. It's very well-written, and managed to have a first-person teenage protagonist who did not make me instantly fail out, which is difficult. However, er...the ending (spoilers) )

Someone come argue with me about this because it was weird and made me cranky.

Something that does not make me cranky are Tripp Tracy being awkward about how he has so many feelings about EStaal because he watched him grow up, and he loves Brind'Amour, but it can never match his love for EStaal because he didn't get to watch him develop. Oh, Tripp. Never change.
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Seriously considering the possibility that Patrick Roy decided the best possible troll of the league would be being actually good at coaching. (Alternatively, we shall all sing the small sample size song together as one, but that's less amusing.)

Reading some collected letters of P.G. Wodehouse and I don't know why I'm surprised, but yet somehow I didn't actually expect him to sound like Bertie Wooster all the time. He signs off letters with things like "cheerio, old scream, toodle-pip!" It's wonderful.
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This is because I kept talking to people about Sid and Nealer both being completely terrible at domesticity in different ways and how that makes me want to ship them. So I shouted at [livejournal.com profile] vampirespider about it. Then it got sad, and fuck it, I'm not writing that, so here are too many words of planning. There is happiness and babies at the end, if that matters to you, but, uh, not with each other. /o\

This started as a conversation about Nealer being appalling at domesticity and spiralled. Unedited email convo. Long, but no explicit sex. )


Big Bang!

Oct. 1st, 2013 11:56 am
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I have posted my big bang!

Daylight Seems to Want You (10910 words) by opusculasedfera
Fandom: Hockey RPF
Rating: Explicit
Relationships: Beau Bennett/James Neal
Additional Tags: Accidental Relationship, Furniture, Team Bonding
Summary: Beau has no idea what Nealer thinks he's doing, but he's into it anyway.

[livejournal.com profile] lena_reyes made a mix for it, and also came up with the title, which she generously allowed me to steal. (I like how it sounds serious and mood-setting, but also can be interpreted as a pun on 'Sunshine', which makes it basically "Yes, James, Beau does want to bang you." I am the most tasteful, y/y?)

Also I feel like I should have a Nealer icon or something because apparently writing all the fic about him is a thing that keeps happening and Oiler babies are not terribly relevant.

There is hockey tonight, because I really needed to get started on months of staying up too late for West Coast games. :P I mean, I'm excited, but also lolololol the first game I'm interested in is at 10pm because of course it is. And then the second one is 9:30pm the next day.

Fringe Exchange is rolling! I am not actually writing yet because I procrastinate like anything, but I'm excited!


Sep. 27th, 2013 10:30 am
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Last chance, people!

You can still sign up today!

Also, I was talking to someone about how fond I am of Confused Boners as a character dynamic, and became annoyed that there isn't a female version. Confused Vagina sounds like what happens after Suddenly A Girl, Confused Vaginal Feelings sounds like a fakey old-school medical term for being a lesbian, and Confused Vaginal Secretions sounds like you might have a yeast infection, but you're not sure. It doesn't really work any better with assorted other euphemisms for ladybits. Confused Cunt sounds like something you'd get shouted at you in traffic, and Confused Box sounds like a character on a children's tv show. Goddamnit, I just want some nice femslash with women who are not sure if want (though, preferably, who confused for other reasons than the gender presentation of their romantic interest. So many options, guys! I have read about them all in the dudeslash! We can do this!)

And a joke, that has been cracking me up all over tumblr, and which is delightfully text-specific so I can't annoy people with it in meatspace:
How do you tell the difference between a chemist and a plumber?
Ask them to pronounce “unionized”

I hope this makes you giggle as it did me.
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[livejournal.com profile] guingel has made her Islanders primer! Go read it! Marvel at the codependent weirdness! And then come back and write me fic about Johnny and Matt Moulson's sincere feelings about each other because they have SO MANY, and it was adorable. Or, if you'd rather read about the team consensus that Colin McDonald is John Tavares' dog, there's the twitter highlights post, which also has links to that time the Isles just went ahead and filmed it. No, seriously. I need a lot of fic about their D/s puppyplay roommate dynamic, and also the fact that all their friends make fun of them for it constantly. Go read! :D

Also, another reminder that [community profile] fringe_exchange is still open for sign ups!

[community profile] fringe_exchange
A Fringe gift exchange for the holidays, signups end September 25!
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How is this the slightly older A:tlA? Avatar was a million times more subtle than this.

spoilers )

More cheerfully, holy shit is Ryan O'Reilly ever trying to get back in Matt Duchene's good graces after all that bitterness last season. (To be fair, scoring very pretty goals for the Avs is definitely a proven method for achieving that.) Turns out I would definitely read all of that break-up/make-up fic. I was mostly just amused at the bad blood last season (oh Matty, so many crazy eyes when your team was terrible), but I am super susceptible to how weirdly excited all the media is getting about them being friends again, especially with all of this dredging up of how close they were in their first couple years. The shippiness of the hockey media never ceases to amaze.
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Semi-Holiday Fringe Gift Exchange is back! Everyone welcome! Open to all kinds of fannish gifts; posting early December!

[community profile] fringe_exchange
A Fringe gift exchange for the holidays, signups end September 25!

This was a ton of fun last year, and I hope it gets going again, even though Fringe is off the air. I miss Olivia and co. and it'll be good to get back to them for a bit. :D I co-modded last year, and will this year again, so feel free to ask me questions here or on the comm if you have them!


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