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This recipe for Luxuriously Extravagant Swedish Princess Cake is one of the best cakes I have ever made or eaten. Highly recommended.[personal profile] rushthatspeaks made it with raspberry sorbet and raspberry currant jam, but I've now made it once with stewed rhubarb and once with homemade blackberry jam and both have been equally delicious (one-to-one swap with the sorbet/jam and skipping the syrup.) I suspect you could use any kind of stewed fruit or fruit puree and it would be excellent.

(Lazy fruit jam is, incidentally the easiest thing in the world: stick a bunch of chopped fruit or rhubarb in a pan with a splash of water and some lemon slices, cook it down on medium heat until the fruit is squishy and melting, and add sugar/spices to taste. Less complicated than the original recipe, but pretty good all the same.)

Would definitely recommend this cake to anyone who's reasonably confident in the kitchen. It's much less fussy than it seems, especially if you make all the pieces at different times and assemble them later. I skipped the marzipan too, so the whipped cream covers possible messes pretty effectively and who cares if it looks perfect when all the bits are so delicious.


The Game of Her Life is a super charming National Film Board doc about the first Canadian Olympic Women's team. It's pretty incredibly nineties, but in the best possible way, also intensely recognisable as NFB stuff, possibly because we watched a lot of it in school and there's a house style or something, possibly because I subconsciously associate Diane D'Aquila's soothing voice-over narration with CanCon.

Highly recommended if you like watching women be awesome. I was pretty impressed that it avoids a lot of the "these women are sporty, but it's okay, they're still women, don't be scared!" stuff you get sometimes. It comments once that Hockey Canada sometimes gets nervous that the female players will be perceived as unfeminine, but never bothers to shoot the women so they seem particularly femme and doesn't edit them or add anything when they're straightforward about having been tomboys when young, or say they dumped a guy rather than give up hockey. It also does a pretty good job not exoticising anyone: Angela James grew up in the projects in Toronto and it just lets her say her piece and move on without being all "this is impossible and weird!", and Vicky Sunohara gets attention as the Canadian-Japanese player going to Nagano, but it's all really respectful and doesn't even raise the (bullshit) "is she really Canadian?" issue. Also kudos to Shannon Miller (head coach) for being totally "of course there are gay women in hockey. This doesn't have anything to do with sports. :|" when asked about it, and I'm happy that the director didn't try to reassure the audience that the players were straight by ever referring to or asking about their partners. <3

Also, experimenting with crossposting with my ancient lj, we'll see if I remember to do this ever again.
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