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Cautiously pleased with this week's Community!

I can maybe accept this level of Jeff being a teacher and things not being the same! It makes me hopeful that they do care more about shenanigans than tragedy, which is what I require.

I really like that Neil does radio and still plays D&D and has quietly become a recurring character with his own shit going on. Garrett is...interesting? I'm not sure how to feel about his character because he is kind of a stereotype of hapless fat nerd with asthma. But then his complete and total haplessness almost transcends that? "Et tu, pencil!" is a fabulous line, and it's not like inability to deal with folders is part of the trope? On the other hand, he hasn't really gotten anything to do that isn't be ridiculous ever.

Pierce's death just didn't work: you can't do "sudden revelation of faked death!" and "we're supposed to be sad about another death!" in the same episode, also I basically hadn't noticed that Pierce wasn't around because he was a terrible character. But at least it didn't work while still trying, and wasn't actively contradictory to established characterisation.

Annie/Jeff is still only acceptable if the show stays firmly on the THIS IS CREEPY side of the line, so they get a raised eyebrow from me for how far they went this episode, but they didn't actually cross it yet and still seem aware that there's a difference between attraction existing and attraction being good to

Abed's intense support of Troy was super adorable. I love how it works both as ludicrous and tropey and as Abed letting Troy deal with things in his own way, and I love that Abed would probably appreciate both of those aspects of it equally.

I need this plotline to not wrap up with "lols, sexual harrassment," but it does still have a chance! This is how I want the Dean's inner struggle between principle/love of the group and external pressures of the school and so on to go! Where he tries, and sometimes gives in to his baser nature, but trying is still an important thing! Also him trying to get the secretary to trace the call when she knows that caller id is a thing was beautiful.

Definitely feeling better about everything than I was!
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