Jan. 1st, 2014

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I was thinking about doing a New Year's meme, but none of the ones I've seen so far have appealed, so have my booklist for 2013 instead.

Books of 2013 )
Fewer than last year, which feels odd, though I suppose I also started doing a lot more fiction writing this year, which sort of makes up for it, or is at least interestingly different. Need to step up with the French though.

I almost didn't make [community profile] 50books_poc this year, but pulled it out in the end. Next year I'm aiming for not reading ALL THE SHORT STORIES in the final week of December, but at least my streak isn't broken! (Four years! I don't know if it's really doing anything, but better than not doing, I suppose. And I have read lots of lovely things.)
50 Books POC )

And I still can't believe that the Canes spoilers for last night's game, I guess ) In other hockey news of last night, I managed to have a conversation at the party with someone who thought Phil Kessel was a goalie, which is a good trick in Toronto, I think. Otoh, the party was graced by the host's giant Bruins flag decor, so Toronto: hockey diverse is perhaps the message. (He's from Ottawa, technically, which I don't think makes any more sense of it.) I still don't know how to talk hockey with non-fannish types, but the alcohol helps.


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