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I finally caught up on Fringe!

I was putting watching these eps off because I've been fairly busy and also this season wasn't exactly impressing me, but I enjoyed these ones a lot!

There was actual plot movement! Not just going and finding things, but having to work out how to do stuff! I'm not sure that the rest of the plot isn't going to be "the existence of the observer-child fixes things" but it's a start? And the existence of the observer-child is quite interesting and I'm prepared to believe that they'll do *something* with it.

It made me unreasonably pleased that there was a whole character without a child-related motivation. Not that a lot of the parental stuff on this show hasn't been reasonably well done, but I liked that Hastings wasn't another instance of the same, his motivations were about being a fan of Walter's work and wanting to feel like he was doing something with his life. Because not everyone does things to save children's lives, honestly.

Astrid having nothing to do was especially obvious in a way that made me sad. Is she still supposed to be unearthing the tapes from the amber? Because if so, maybe she could at least be depicted doing that? Instead of apparently hanging out at Harvard waiting for people to email her things to do. I did like that she is the codes and data person, but I don't know why she never leaves Harvard with the rest of the team, especially if Walter is going to.

Speaking of Walter, I was impressed by the way that these last few eps have dealt with his character progression. I've always found him more interesting when he was dealing with a lot more motivations than just his love for Peter. I'm really enjoying how it's all tied up in his fears of returning to being the asshole he once was, and how he's trying to take responsibility for the many awful things he did, not just his cross-over into the red!verse. I liked the varyingly subtle evocations of his youth: the music, the Monty Python homage (which was well done, and obvious, without beating you across the head with it.) The green fairy was a bit much, but Carla was chilling and past!hallucinatory!Nina was sad.

Regular Nina was also terribly sad. I've been saying forever that it makes no sense that the Fringe Team have been freely using the communications service run by the Observers, but it makes me sad that it was Nina who finally got caught up in it. Her last scene distracting the Observers from where she'd hidden the kid was masterful and I appreciated the way that the team got to react to her death. They have other things to do, and they aren't going to lose their minds and demand that she be buried, but that doesn't mean that they're too stoic to be unhappy about it (when Olivia turns away from the security footage, my heart broke.)

In general, those were good episodes and I'm looking forward to Friday rather more than I had been.

[community profile] fringe_exchange went well! Tons of fabulous stuff was posted and people who haven't should check it out! The masterlist is here, and the authors are slowly being revealed. I recorded a podfic of [personal profile] kerithwyn's Lift You Up Over Everything for [personal profile] cantarina which is now up on my AO3 here, and received a wonderful vid, and a fantastic fic, both featuring Astrid! Thanks so much to everyone who participated!
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